Friday, July 23, 2010

What Exactly Does the Body Magic Do?

Shapewear, bodywear (previously referred to as girdles) are figure flattering foundation garments that use the latest technology to smooth away love handles, tummy rolls and muffin tops.  You know what I'm talking about : ) 

Shapewear  firms everything up.  Today's garments are not your grandmother's girdle.  Yesterday's model had boning, metal and really uncomfortable, heavy material.   Body Magic and/or Ardyss brands are made of lightweight, breathable medical grade compression material.  It's a win win situation to wear one.  You lose the inches immediately because it compresses you, but it also reduces your size if you continue to wear the garment.

Jessica Matthews, spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise, said shapewear is the latest take on the compression clothing that has been used by distance runners, athletes and football players for some time.

The difference with shapewear is that a girdle like your grandmother wore in the 50's, will smooth you out, but once you take off a girdle you're back to the same body you started with. But, if you keep using it (shapewear), you'll see a change in your body as it tones and tightens; and perhaps even a psychological affect.  Some find that  wearing shapewear improves their confidence and self esteem and empowers them  to want to exercise more.

You wont' be  disappointed, if you wear it like you are suppose to, you'll see the difference. It's a commitment, just like exercise.

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  1. I'm a man who wears the woman's body magic along with the men's abdo shirt. Guys, this is the perfect combo for nice shaping. Takes a little getting used to around down there, but totally worth it. I saw results within the first couple of weeks. Just need to wear something thin underneath such as some plain color panties.