Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Noni Juice ... Worth a try for it's purported holistic benefits...

Pure Noni juice is used to promote good health due to its therapeutic qualities and function as a natural curative agent. Used in Asia and Polynesia for more that 2,000 years, the medicinal benefits of this fruit have been developed over generations. The maximum benefits of Pure Noni are obtained from its 100% natural juice state

Purported Benefits:

• Helps protect the respiratory system.*

• Helps fortify the immune system.*

• Contains Antioxidants.*

According to the blog Noni  -- Noni juice may not taste that delicious but it is extremely holistic, which explains why many celebrities are flocking to the Polynesian fruit juice. From David Bowie to Meg Ryan, celebrities looking to stay healthy are turning to noni juice for its famous holistic benefits.

Rosie O’Donnell is a purported noni aficionado, along with super model Miranda Kerr, which goes to show you the spectrum of celebrities that have tapped into this fad. Although noni juice has failed to peak much major media attention, the benefits of noni juice seem to have passed through tinseltown, infecting Hollywood with a healthy habit. The differences between the celebrities who love noni mirrors the same wide audience that it has enjoyed world wide, as I’ve met hippies and lawyers alike who swear by noni’s healing properties.

Of course when celebrities do something, people seem to want to do it too. Hopefully these celebrities can spread the word about noni, even if only by example, increasing sales for the companies and improving health for consumers. Greater demand for the juice may drive the price up initially, but fierce competition and a larger market would ultimately level the price out, putting noni into the hands of more individuals. With that said, there’s definitely some good that can come out of celebrity trends. Since regardless of what celebrities do, people copy them, they really are given quite a bit of power. This looks like one case where they’re using their power for good, even if they’re doing it obliviously.
As always ... check with your doctor before you take anything. 

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