Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shake Weights ... Get Rave Arms

Check out the ShakeWeights at Dr. Leonards! Under 20.00 and it's getting rave reviews!

ShakeWeight™ is the revolutionary way to shape, tone, and firm your entire upper body-including shoulders, triceps, biceps, and chest-in just 6 minutes per day. Based on the new workout technology of Dynamic Inertia, it uses kinetic energy to engage and ignite your muscles for a lean, toned look you'll love showing off. Steel & plastic, 2.5 lbs. Instructional DVD included.

Great for toned arms!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Aqua Oxygen ... hmmm, Wonder What Jethro Tull Thinks? : )

AQUA OXYGEN delivers Cellular Oxygen and Nutrients in a Time Release Cascading Formula. Women - Click to become balanced, energetic and fit! Men - Click to stay strong, active and focused!

"Many look alike Oxygen Therapies such as hydrogen peroxide and stabilized oxygen have been in the marketplace until this time and they are vastly different and inferior to the product presented in AQUA OXYGEN."

AQUA OXYGEN is a concentrated and super-energized formulation that splits water molecules into pure oxygen and hydrogen while delivering essential nutrients to the body. It contains ionic/colloidal trace elements and minerals suspended in a solution of Deuterium Sulfate. In addition to essential oxygen, AQUA OXYGEN is a mineral supplement that enhances biochemical activities and brings your body what modern living and pollution are stripping away.
AQUA OXYGEN has helped thousands of people to feel better, have more natural energy levels, digest better, live with a heightened focus and an increase in overall performance. From children that suffer from asthma, women that are fatigued, doctors that needed more energy and focus to elderly athletes that wanted to perform at their genetic potential - AQUA OXYGEN feeds the cells of the body with safe pure oxygen and other trace elements which modern living and pollution have been stripping away.

Sounds good to me : )