Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vintage Foundation Wear ... Gloves Included : )

I came across this fabulous picture of 1950's under garments and foundation wear of The Vintage Party Line. Great picture and I love that the gals are wearing gloves (LOL) ... not realistic, but then the 50's were all about glam.

Think about it, today ... don't have to wear garters, our foundation garments are more comfortable and if you want to wear gloves it's up to you.

The one thing that has stayed the same ... women still want to look curvy and attractive.

Check out the panty girdle to the right ...

It also defines your figure and flattens your abdomen.

The garment contains a special strip to control the waist line, to shape the hip, and style the overall feminine figure.


  • Enhances your buttocks.
  • Defines your hips.
  • Controls the waist line
  • More comfortable than yester years shapewear

Bottom line, even though things change ... people don't. We still want to look good, still want to be healthy ... nothing wrong with that : )

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