Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Matt Damon a heavyweight in the Informant

With the release of The Informant, Matt Damon became a member of "Celebs who’ve gained weight for movie roles." I have to say, hard to believe they can do it! Tom Hands lost weight for Castaway and in Philadelphia where he played an aids victim; look at Sean Astin who gained weight as a hobbit in the hobbit Trilogy. As far as Damon, it's painful to see him pudgy (especially when he looks so great in the Bourne Movies!) He plays Mark Whitacre and gained 30 pounds by eating and drinking dark beer, Doritos, and Mickey D’s Value Meals—eaten in between meals on the set—as part of his plump-up plan (according to interviews. ) He was suppose to look "doughy." Mission accomplished.... but it's nice to say ... he has lost it all : )

He really is a "cute patootie."

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