Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Even Barbie Wore a Girdle in the 50's!

Bet you didn't know that EVEN Barbie who had the fantastic
figure "to die for," wore a girdle.
In the Barbie’s early years — she was introduced in 1959 — you could buy a miniature elastic girdle as an accessory. By the late 20th century, when even Barbie had felt the stirrings of the women’s movement, the girdle was no longer made.

Blue Bra Blue Panties Blue Half Slip Blue Girdle Done in a soft blue tricot, including an embroidered girdle (again, why did Barbie need a girdle?)(source)
I'm sure even she wears shapewear now : )


  1. If you want to read about the history of girdles, there is no better place than Zona- The Girdle Zone, a scholarly site entirely devoted to the garment.


  2. Thanks so much ... I do look at that site quite frequently ... It's amazing!