Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Mirdle Has Arrived and It's in Fashion Vogue!

Guys . . . if you’ve allowed your body to become "soft" (ugh) then I’ve got just the thing for you... it’s called “men’s shapewear” and, it’s the hottest trend in men’s fashion. You can call it compression dressing, shapewear, a girdle or even a mirdle ... but don't call it uncool!

The "mirdle" is for the man who has a little too much paunch or flab (paunch sounds nicer). In a land where metrosexuals reign, department stores are rolling out men's shapewear, moisturizers and underwear to a male market who is hungry to look great. Men’s shapewear is clothing that looks like a regular tank top, T-shirt, or long-sleeved T-shirt — only shrunk down two or three sizes in a special blend of Spandex, nylon and polyester. And, it works like a girdle. And there’s even men’s shapewear that emphasizes the pecs and makes the abs look much more toned than they actually are.

Men's shapewear looks great under a tux, a suit or form fitting outfit. Think about it, women have been doing it for years! If you guys out there decide to give shapewear a try, you can always say you broke a rib and are forced to wear “support.” Available at Ardyss.

Young Males Picture from Deluded Diva

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  1. Interesting!

    When it comes to men’s clothing the first thought which sparks in my mind is designer jeans. Anything will be suitable with designer jeans might be tees, shirts, jackets or blazers. Men in designer jeans look cool and handsome!