Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kate Moss in Agent Provocateur

Who wouldn't want to look like this?

Shamelessly seductive lingerie, corsets and swimwear is perfect for any bedside or poolside siren. Agent Provocateur's Spring/Summer 2009 bikini range includes bright prints and flattering fits in a vast range of rich colours and luxurious materials. Above, a two-toned mixture of denim and gingham, the bikini comes from Agent Provocateur's Spring/Summer 2009 bikini range, which Kate Moss, was spotted recently wearing while soaking up the sun on one of St. Tropez's numerous yachts. And, she wears it well.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Mirdle Has Arrived and It's in Fashion Vogue!

Guys . . . if you’ve allowed your body to become "soft" (ugh) then I’ve got just the thing for you... it’s called “men’s shapewear” and, it’s the hottest trend in men’s fashion. You can call it compression dressing, shapewear, a girdle or even a mirdle ... but don't call it uncool!

The "mirdle" is for the man who has a little too much paunch or flab (paunch sounds nicer). In a land where metrosexuals reign, department stores are rolling out men's shapewear, moisturizers and underwear to a male market who is hungry to look great. Men’s shapewear is clothing that looks like a regular tank top, T-shirt, or long-sleeved T-shirt — only shrunk down two or three sizes in a special blend of Spandex, nylon and polyester. And, it works like a girdle. And there’s even men’s shapewear that emphasizes the pecs and makes the abs look much more toned than they actually are.

Men's shapewear looks great under a tux, a suit or form fitting outfit. Think about it, women have been doing it for years! If you guys out there decide to give shapewear a try, you can always say you broke a rib and are forced to wear “support.” Available at Ardyss.

Young Males Picture from Deluded Diva

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Recover Your Shape Postpartum with a Body Shaper

Recover your body shape.
  • If you have a grandmother over 60 ... chances are she told you that when she had your mother she wore a girdle to get back in shape .... and you probably laughed. But it's true; she probably did .. and it works. Today's shapers are more comfortable than grandma's girdle because they are made of better material and are more lightweight.

    This garment is designed to smooth the appearance of the lower abdomen often desired after childbirth.


    Helps with a speedy recovery after childbirth by encouraging the internal organs to reposition themselves into their proper location.

Compresses the uterus encouraging the easier expulsion of clots. Helps prevent hemorrhages and provides proper support so you can be fully mobile in caring for your baby.

Assists the muscles of the abdomen and the back.

Available at Ardyss.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Camay Soap Diet: Directions are on the Camay wrapper

“Directions are on the Camay wrapper.”
-- Alan Kent

Listeners of the PEPPER YOUNG’S FAMILY heard announcer Alan Kent talk about “The Camay Mild-Soap Diet.” Kent talked about what the diet did, but he didn’t describe it in detail--- except its directions were on the Camay wrapper. This was a clever tactic, because if the women wanted to find out how to have a softer, smoother, and younger complexion, they had to go to their favorite store and buy Camay. Instead of hearing about the Camay Mild-Soap Diet, the women had to find out for themselves.

A woman had to put aside a minute or 2 during the morning and evening. Warm and cold water were needed .... and Camay Soap! If the soap had another brand name, it was simply the WRONG soap!

First, the woman had to buy 3 cakes of Camay at her favorite store. That evening, she used a Camay cake and worked the soap’s lather onto the complexion. In the process, the woman paid closer attention to the nose, under the nostrils, and on the chin. Once the lathering was completed, the woman rinsed her face with warm water and then splashed with cold water for an extra 30 seconds--- then pat dry with a towel. Then go to sleep. While she was sleeping, the woman’s complexion was doing some good things. The tiny pores were functioning with her natural beauty.

When it was time to get up, the woman had to perform the morning version of the Camay Mild-Soap Diet. Simply put, it was a repeat of the nighttime session. This was done for 30 days. The ad implied to use Camay and only Camay--- don’t allow any other soap brand to touch the complexion. That in its entirety was the Camay Mild-Soap Diet.

When the 30 days were up, was that the end of the Camay Mild-Soap Diet? Not really. With the woman’s complexion softer, smoother, and younger looking, it was important to keep it that way. Since Camay provided the improvement--- and 3 cakes were originally purchased, the woman continued to use it for her daily facial washings .. and hopefully, forever.

The power of advertising : )

Forty cups of coffeee .... : ) Help slow the aging process

I love this stuff. I've been drinking it about 2 weeks now. Great tasting and quite addictive : ) It's a mixture of Coffee and Collagen which (hopefully) will help promote better skin and less skin aging.

Collaffee is an exclusive mix of collagen, vitamin C, iron, calcium and coffee that revitalizes your skin and prevents the natural ageing process. It also softens your lines of expression and improves your body joints.

Bring me another cup please .....