Friday, July 17, 2009

Tuck Everything Nicely into Place with Foundation Garments

How to get the 50’s hourglass shape ... today it's shapewear. The 50's ... foundation garments. A garment women crammed themselves into. A real girdle in order to make their clothes fit better. Shapewear is the way to go today to properly wear a vintage pencil skirt, it tucks everything neatly into place, smooths out every bulge and minimizes the waist nicely. And they're actually quite comfortable once you get used to them!

Here's a vintage girdle ad with a promise of looking younger and sizes smaller!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Body Magic ... Lose 3 Sizes Instantly

Body Magic by Ardyss Life, It's Not a Gimmick!

We are "tickled pink" at the results of the Body Magic Shapewear, so much so that we have signed on as distributors. It does work. I'm wearing one ... With the tight and form fitting rockabilly and retro clothes, this is a Godsend. No paunch, no rolls, no lines. Whose going to argue with that? We offer them for men and women (including pregnant women. Also great for your posture ... especially the back. Available through Get Go Retro.

Featured on NBC News and ABC News ... It's Not A Gimmick!

Reshape Your Body Instantly ... No Diets No Exercise No Surgery

The Body Magic is designed to reshape your lower body. It allows you to redistribute some of your irregularities to a more desirable area. This redistribution becomes more permanent over time. Plus, it reshapes your body instantly. If you need an instant tummy tuck this Garment will do it. The Ardyss Body Magic and Angel Bra will sensationalize your figure by lifting your bust, removing side rolls and flattening your stomach instantly.
This innovative creation will sensationalize your figure by reshaping you from your shoulders to your legs. The Body Magic Shaper is made of medical grade sturdy yet lightweight fabric with a lace front; this gives it a very feminine appearance. The Body Magic will give you a sensational figure minutes. Available through Get Go Retro.


  • Helps to firm and control your abdomen
  • Helps to lift and hold your lower stomach in position
  • Pulls your shoulders back and corrects your posture
  • Straightens your back
  • Gives upper and lower back support
  • Thins your hips
  • Lifts and holds buttocks up in position

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Men Can and Do Wear Shapewear

This is an excellent garment for the man who wants to enjoy a good figure and good health.


Designed to give firm abdominal support and reinforces the lower back. It helps to protect the spine from backaches and muscular fatigue. Stimulates muscular toning in the abdomen. Can reduce waist up to 2 sizes. By the use of special material in the garment, the muscles in the abdomen experience a rise in temperature, helping to burn fat, and helping internal organs function better! Click here

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's Not a Gimmick ... Lose 2 to 3 Dress Sizes in 10 Minutes

It's not a gimmick. Ardyss International's flagship product, the body magic, was featured on the WFAA Channel 8 News May 2009. If you know anyone looking to lose 2 to 3 dress sizes in 10 minutes without diet, pills, exercise, or surgery, contact us .

Le 'Vive ...5 Antioxident Fruits in one Place

The power of the world's top five antioxidant producing fruits, concentrated in One Product, Le'Vive.

Ardyss Le'Vive concentrates the power of the world's top five antioxidant producing fruits in one product: Mangosteen, Noni, Acai Berry, Goji and Pomegranate. The combination of their juices leverages their synergic action in your body to the fullest,slowing your body's cells aging process while preventing the ocurrence of terrible degenerative diseases.

And it tastes fabulous!!!!!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Shapewear ... better results; more comfortable~!

Tightly-belted uniforms were in fashion in the 1940's and 1950's. With the resurgance of retro and rockabilly fashion, it's easy to see that compression wear and shapewear can be a great boost to the figure and fitting of your wardrobe! "In the day and up to around the 70's most women wore a girdle and thought nothing of it. We wear control top pantyhose don't we?